Cancer Pain

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis that affects people on several different levels. Many people with cancer eventually experience pain due to their condition.

Cancer pain can be caused by many different sources. Pain can be experienced when a tumor presses on nerves or expands inside a hollow organ. Pain also commonly originates from bone destructive lytic lesions. Bone marrow infiltration commonly cause bone pain that can be severe. Unfortunately the radiation and chemotherapeutic treatments that are frequently used to treat cancer can also cause pain.

Pain associated with cancer can take many forms and is experienced differently by each patient. Pain can be sharp and severe, or it can be a dull constant ache. Regardless of the type of pain, a diagnosis of cancer does not mean you have to suffer with debilitating pain. The physicians at Central Texas Pain Center understand the devastating effects cancer related pain can have on you life and will work diligently to develop a treatment plan that meets your specific needs.